DubrovnikTrip is a company and new project that started in 2015 by two guys from Dubrovnik; Ivan and Igor. Relatively young and enthusiastic in what we do, we have decided to start a partnership and create an agency that offers great and reliable products/services and experiences for all guests visiting Dubrovnik in need of accommodation, private tours, transfers and travel advices.

Both college educated and with a lot of work experience in hospitality, tourism and financial industry in Croatia and USA, we have decided to become entrepreneurs.  Although it is not easy to start from a scratch, we have chosen “our own way” since it enables us do everything as we want and this way we can offer products and services that we perceive as excellent and of which we are proud of. Since we are both passionate travellers and have travelled most of the world, we try to implement best ideas and business principles from our education, work and travel experience.

Our Mission Is Simple: To help you find the best in Dubrovnik.listings